Visiting Lemuria

A recent client's feedback to my question "Did the session have any effect in your life?":


I am still smoke free since I’ve had my session. There were many more benefits to the session. It’s helped me speak my truth and I continue to gain self love and power. The session was life changing for me.







A few weeks ago, I had honor and the pleasure of having Elisa Wright perform a QHHT session. I will say this was one of the most profound and spiritual experiences that I have ever had in my life. To begin with my journey, Elisa was very kind and her gentle smooth voice had such a calming effect on me. Once I began my journey through time,  she guided me in every step. I have seen and heard things from my past that no one can simply make this up. I am a very analytical person and after the sessions I was doing research for days to verify my personal experience. I actually or should I say my higher spirit or consciences actually took me back to places and shown me my family that I had. A beautiful wife and two gorgeous children one seven year old boy and another 4 year girl. They greeted me with such love and tenderness. We spoke for a while and then I remember my wife asking me, "where have I been all this time?"  She showed me this city which appeared to have a very advance technical civilization. I have even seen the line of work I was involved with. It was taking care of large crystals with massive energy flowing from them. Then at one point, with great sorrow I had to leave. I have seen many other things but, I would fill a book. Elisa slowly bought me back to this realty, although where I was also a reality. We both spoke about this experience but, now comes the most fascinating part .

My family was from a country or island which I knew nothing about but based on my detailed description it was an island that existed over a million years ago. As I said early, it took days of research, come to find out that it was" Lemuria". Many theories suggest that this was an advance race of humans but something catastrophic occurred which destroyed this island. I see my connection with this since I studied electrical engineering and have been around electronics for over 30 years. If anyone is familiar with electronics, we use crystals in electronic circuits called "oscillators" for many applications. Do you see the connection? Once again, this was a very profound experience and I was very fortunate that Elisa help me understand the meaning of all this and how it all fits in.

I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to have a past lives regression session to have this performed with a experienced and professional person such as Elisa Wright. I want to thank her so much for helping me and caring about my experience. It was truly a moment in this life that I will cherish. I send you a personal thank you Elisa for you are a truly kind and compassionate person! I send you love and peace!


AL Incorvaia


My Dad who I had a conflicting relationship passed away earlier this year. Since that time had some vibrant dreams that I somehow felt were from my father trying to tell me something. I have been searching to know more about this and scheduled a QHHT session with Elisa several weeks ago. I really was curious about the QHHT process but had no real expectations about what I was expecting to happen. Elisa spoke with me at length before the session and wanted me to understand that there are no guarantees that I will be able to see my past lives. When we finally started the actual hypnosis procedure Elisa guided me into a very calm state of relaxation. As she asked me questions about what I was experiencing I was mentally trying to see images that would reflect a possible past life I might have has, but really could not retain any image for more than a second or so.  I have really not been able to clear my mind to productively mediate in the past. But as the session continued I found myself getting more relaxed with Elisa's suggestions and suddenly I saw myself floating in a dark blue shy through wispy white clouds. I felt that this was not an earthly sky but it was so peaceful and tranquil.  She attempted to guide me down to the ground but as soon as I  would see the curvature of the  planet I was over, I would immediately resume floating back into the sky. The image was very real and I feel it was not just my imagination. My surroundings felt very familiar and comfortable. I looked down and could not see my physical body. I felt like I was part of nature. I felt love for everything and felt like everything was alive and everything was a part of me.


After I felt this intense feeling of oneness I finally saw an image of 4 people at the opening of a hillside cave in a vey beautiful setting. The people looked very primitive, but I could tell they were highly evolved from the respect they had for nature. But the people were suffering. I felt their need and knew they needed water very badly. I felt the people respected nature and felt like I was part of this nature. I wanted to help them so much and I told Elisa that I wanted to help them. She asked how I would do that and without even thinking I told her I would create rain for them. I did this and as the rain poured down upon these people from the sky I felt the love these people had for nature. It was so awesome. My lower legs began to feel like electricity was running through them. As I embraced the joy of this feeling the electricity moved into my upper legs and lower back. I never experienced anything even close to this feeling before and it was so great. My back began to feel stiff and Elisa told me she could lower the vibrations. But I told her that I did not want to lower them. The more electricity I felt and that's exactly what it felt like, like a low voltage current similar to a therapeutic tense device, the more the feeling of Universal love encompassed my being. I have never experienced anything like the feeling of oneness with all and love for everything in the Universe before. The session continued for hours and after it was over I felt fantastic. I told Elisa it seemed like our session only lasted for 20 minutes more of less but it was over 3 hours long.


Elisa sent me a audio drop box file of our session and I have played it in the car continually ever since. There is so much information that I provided in answer to her questions and my responses came immediately without even thinking about what she was asking me. What really shocked me was that before the session Elisa mentioned Dolores Cannon as an early past life regression hypnotherapist pioneer and I had up to that time never heard of Dolores Cannon. But,  after my session with Elisa I have watched Dolores's you tube videos and the lessons she has discovered and shared with other clients is the same information that my higher self revealed to me during my session.  Lessons like everything is one and I am everyone. Love is all there is and everything else is an illusion. The teacher will become the student and the student the teacher, We create our earthly existence like actors in a play and we are all the actors, director's stage hands and audience all at the same time. These concepts were something I never thought about before my session with Elisa.


Every time I listen to my session with Elisa I am astonished with the things that I said during the session. But realize that these are Universal truths that I have always known from the beginning.


This was my first hypnotic session but I know it was just the beginning of my ascension to levers of higher consciousness and would recommend this therapy to anyone who questions the true meaning of their existence and seeking happiness.




Her Anger is gone

Hey Elisa. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. I just don’t have it in me to fight and argue with the people who want to do just that anymore. Not my problem:). The anger I had is just gone. For the most part my cough is too. I still get it every once in a while but I don’t know how much of that is just because I was so used to doing it. 


As for that guy, the connection with him also seems to be faded. I’ve decided I need to focus on healing myself and I can’t do that with somebody who brings my energy down. I may not have experienced a lot of passed lives but what I gained from the whole experience is so much more. I have a sense of peace inside my soul I didn’t have when I came to you. I know it’s only been a couple days and I have so much more to learn but thank you Elisa for freeing me.



Cleared past-life trauma affecting her life today


Elisa completed my session about a month ago.  It was an incredibly transformative and comfortable experience.  I'm so grateful for the commitment and care Elisa put into helping me from the first moment I spoke to her.  She's a gifted healer and not only allowed me to connect to my higher self, but also experience a past life.  I was able to regress effortlessly with her guidance.  She helped me release emotional and trauma blockages from my past - this process helped me heal at a spiritual level and I am so grateful for that.  Elisa helped me reconnect to my purpose in life and I'm happy to say that ever since the session, I have felt so much light enter my life.  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!



Got confirmation on her past-lives, one of them being Moses!

I heard about QHHT through Dolores Cannon interviews and read up about it on her website. The videos of people doing this technique on so many different people proved to be so interesting to me. I wanted to try it out so that I can gain reassurance and spiritual insight on my path in this life. In this session, I went through various past lives and received information I never thought I would receive. It was like I literally were these individuals. My experience during this session felt so real, and it was hard to doubt. I absolutely loved how comfortable Elisa made me feel during this process. I didn't know what was going to pop up, yet she showed great skill in making the process run smoothly. I am going to be reflecting a lot thanks to the MP3 she gave me at the conclusion of the meeting. I honestly feel enlightened and have so much more angst to be the best version of myself I can be. I feel like I can accomplish anything.



She got all the answers she was looking for

I knew Elisa was the right person for the job when I saw how persistent she is in her YouTube videos.  I had tried having a QHHT with another practitioner and had no luck but I didn't want to give up and she seemed to know what she was doing.  I was correct with my intuition that she would be the person to get me where I needed to go.  She was successful in getting me to get past my blocks and get the information I needed to know.  I was able to find out what my life purpose is and I'm so excited to get moving in the right direction. I'm so thankful that I found her and thankful that I was able to get all of my answers.  Elisa also took the time to suggest books that will help me in the future and handling day to day life.  She's the whole package.  Thank you Elisa!


Unlocked her potential

"I'm so glad I did a BQH session with Elisa.  I saw one of her videos on YouTube and was amazed by what I saw.  Though I live in Spain, I knew I wanted to have a session with her. When we did the session, she was so easy to talk to, so understanding and sweet.  I was very comfortable during the entire process and found it really interesting.  It's been a week since the session and I can feel a shift in myself and how I see and approach things.  These are some of the effects I have experienced:


  • I feel much more excited about how I approach  things

  • I feel more present

  • My intuition has sharpened

  • I feel an acceleration in circumstances

  • I have very profound dreams

  • I'm so much more connected in my meditations


I will for sure have a repeat session with Elisa.  This session helped me also to close ends about issues that I talked to Elisa about and that I was carrying with me for a while (persons and circumstances): a bit like magic.  As soon as you are done with the session, you can feel the shifts.  I recommend it 100%.  Thank you Elisa!"

Pati (from Spain)

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