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While I worked (for over 20 years) as an industrial engineer in the project management field in several Fortune 500 corporations, I became in contact with the challenges of people working in our current modern society.  Reflecting on this reality, I made the decision to help humanity heal.  I decided to certify myself as a Dolores Cannon's QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) practitioner because I fell in love with the power to heal that it offers.  It is the most powerful healing method I have encountered.

This session is not only a healing session, it is also a LIFE COACHING session.  I teach the tools you need to continue with your life after the session.  I take my time with each individual to ensure that they are able to get everything "off their chest". 

I will test your capacity to go into trance so that I can customize the induction properly for a more effective session.

I am committed to activating your sacred purpose, dissolving the limiting beliefs that are holding you from your dreams, so you can live an empowered life you love.

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